Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Utah Pictures

Happy New Year

Happy New Year - for New Years, we were in Utah, well Todd, Tyler, Travis, Tim and Kaylee. We went so Kaylee could see snow! We had a great time. Jack and Carol have a house we got to stay in while we were up there. It was very relaxing but extremely cold for our Southern California bones! Tyler is my most favorite child he is extremly talented and is a good kid. ( He added that while I was away from the computer but I agree that he is a favorite child and he is extremely talented and a good kid :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Reeghan - a budding photographer

Reeghan is a budding photogra- pher! I was looking through my pictures on my camera and came across these pictures -I don't know when she took them but she's actually pretty good at the close ups of her sister, Paetan!

What a great Reeghan's eye view of the piano keys-and wow that is a beautiful couch.
Thank you for the artistically appealing camera work!

Todd and Tyler Start a new year of High School

Tyler don't look so excited! It's your first day of High School! Actually, Tyler is doing great, especially since he's not doing football any longer. His schedule didn't permit it, as much as he wanted to stay.
Todd smiling and ready for a great year as a Junior in High School. Work hard, learn much, and be a great example son!

Erynne Turns 18!!

Erynne celebrated her 18th birthday in style with breakfast in bed! She was surrounded by her family-and enjoyed a delicious omlet as well as Jamba Juice - Orange Dream Machine of course! The down side of the day was that she had to work! But we made up for it with shopping and dinner.

Tim gives Erynne a sweet Tim hug. Happy Birthday Erynne!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tyler is 14 years old!

Tyler is now the ripe old age of 14. He had to celebrate his birthday without his parents, as they were in the wilderness with Erynne during his birthday. We tried to make up for that by going shopping, movie going, eating, and treasure hunting when we got home. Tyler is a great young man with many habits that will carry him to amazing success in the future. He amazes us with his determination in all he does. He decided to play football this year on the Freshman team at Mission Hills. Go Grizzlies!

Erynne Completes 42 Days in the Wilderness

Erynne had the opportunity to go to Arizona and learn survival skills and many other valuable life lessons. She carried her own food, bedding, water and everthing she would need to sustain life in the wilderness. She also carried scriptures and other sacred readings. She had time to ponder and reflect on her life and choices that she wants to make in the future. She learned how to have a heart at peace - and is teaching us those same principles. At the end of her time out there, Dad and Mom had the chance to camp with her for 3 days. It was a life changing experience for her - one she will carry with her for the rest of her life. She came home and shared many of her experiences with her family and friends. She even did a fireside for the youth of the Ward. She did an excellent job and bore her testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and her strengthened realization of what is important in her life. Way to go Erynne! We love you!!

Travis Turns 12

Travis Turned 12 years old on July 11 (don't worry Tyler, I will do yours too).
He had a great day and also a fun treasure hunt. Travis received the Aaronic Priesthood - Gary ordained him and Kyle, Tory, Trent, Bishop McMaster, even Todd got to stand in as he was ordained. He has passed the sacrament a few times already and is a good example of a worthy young man.

Cub Camp

I will be random in my posts as I try to update the activities of our busy family. This summer I was able to be a leader at Cub Camp again - and Tyler also served as my Den Chief. It was really fun because we got to have Tim in our group - so it was a family affair. I will publish a few pictures to show the fun - but the highlight for Timothy is that he earned his Archery Pin - which only a handful of boys did - so now he has a new interest and hobby - that makes us really excited because sports - at least team sports - do not interest him. Archery he loved.

Blogging Again

Thank you Sarah and Trent and Reeghan and Paetan - for helping me!

My daughter in law, Sarah, has inspired me to keep my blog up. A lot has happened these past months and I am missing out on recording all the many blessings that I have received from the Lord. On July 31st I went in for surgery on my glomus jugular tumor ( you can look it up for more information) and Dr. Oleary successfully moved part of the tumor away from my carotid artery. It was amazing because I was able to come home the next day. I had lots of love and support - with Trent and Sarah living here - they, especially Sarah, took over my duties and let me rest. I felt a lot of love and support from our Ward Family as well. They brought dinners in for more than a week. It was very humbling for me. I love to take dinner to others but don't really feel like we need that kind of help. Sarah was glad for the help since she would have been the one to do the cooking!

Another reason it was great to have meals is because baby Joshua, Ryan and Susans baby boy had a pencil go in above his eye into the muscle and bone of the eye socket - and he ended up at Children's Hospital, Ryan got sick, then Sarah, and Joseph, and they got to have some of our food also. See Susan's blog for more details (

As if two reasons weren't enough, Grandpa Chapman had surgery for colin cancer and has been weak and recovering, so we also shared the food with them. So Heavenly Father is very aware of His children in all circumstances. We feel so blessed as a family and see His hand in our lives. Thanks for all our many blessings.

Happy Happy Birthday

I had a very Happy Birthday - everyone remembered to call me and made me feel very loved and honored. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful family. I actually felt good enough to go to lunch with Erynne and a movie after. I was tired following all that celebrating! I am now 52 years young. I wonder how the next 52 years will go! Amazing, I am sure.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Can I do this again? I am experimenting to see if I can upload pictures. Let's see

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tory and Orchids Get Married!

Tory and Orchids Tie the Knot!!!

On September 18, 2006, Tory James Chapman and Orchids Dela Cruz
were married. It was a beautiful day with family and friends closeby. Bishop Todd McMaster officiated and gave wise counsel for the Bride and Groom as well as the rest of us. We love you, Tory and Orchids. May you have a long and happy life filled with joy and many children!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gary is 29 - or maybe a little older

We had a nice morning with the B in Bed - a yummy cinammon roll heated by Tyler with drizzled syrup - wow was it good looking...and tasting according to Dad. We sang, ever so sweetly, Happy Birthday to him. He was looking forward to lunch with the boys and a great workout...

Happy BD Gary!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Gary has a birthday

Tomorrow Gary will celebrate his 55th birthday! He has reached a milestone - now he can receive Senior Citizen discounts most places!! He probably doesn't appreciate my insights. We are excited to celebrate with him - so look for more tomorrow with pictures!